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  1. InSourced LSS Agents always standing by to respond to our site visitors needs.

  2. Pro-active Chats (agent-initiated) and Re-active Chats (user-initiated) available.

  3. In-depth account setup process ensures that your customers receive professional and accurate responses to their support requests.

Within its major service offerings (ie. Sales Force, Support Force), LiveSalesStaff offers a number of optional and standard features to cater to your business’ specific needs and goals. Each of these features are aimed towards enhancing and improving the overall customer service experience on your website.

Realize the benefits of an increased customer support presence, while drastically reducing your staffing costs.

Live Chat

Ticket Support

Email Services

Virtual Assistant

  1. Tier 1, 2 & 3 Ticket Response teams offering email based technical assistance and customer service.

  2. InSourced LSS Agents can assist in knowledgebase population.

  3. Ensure your customers receive promote and courteous responses to email inquiries, while issues get filter and assigned to the correct parties.

  1. Email management via the Instant Service and Parature platforms.

  2. Reduced wait times for customer email response.

  3. Certified Specialists available.

  1. Virtual Assistant that resides in the email signature of every piece of mail you send.

  2. Live Chat interaction for scheduling meetings, booking appointments and pushing documents.

  3. Instant response for a concierge experience for your customer.

Cost Savings

  1. InSourced LSS Agents working 24/7 cost less than the average employee.

  2. Reduction of benefits and overtime reduces cost even further.

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